Crystal Before and after side view

I can't remember the last time I was happy with what I looked like... I struggled with my self-image since I was in middle school and not a day has gone by that I haven't felt inadecuate and ashamed because of the way I looked. I know very well that the real problem was not my body, but my mind and the perception I had of myself as a person. I just found a scape goat in my body image.


This past March (2016) something changed inside me. I was over feeling awful about myself every single day. I was done with the constant bullying I was self-inflicting. I told my sister how I was ready for a real change. A total overhaul. I just wanted to go somewhere to workout and have someone tell me exactly what to do. That's when I joined 168 Fitness.Now I don't live a life filled with shame, anxiety or hate. I learned how to love this body of mine. I discover how athletic I am and how strong and badass I felt when I finished my first Spartan Race.



Heidi before and after back view

As a mom, I've been able to pass the health benefits gained at 168 on to my family. Everyone enjoys healthier food at home, and my child sets fitness goals and works toward them at recess! In fact, my child ran 26 miles during recess this year! We are also much more active as a family now too! My child watched me complete my first 5K, and then completed a Kids Run. I feel so good setting a healthy example!

168 Fitness did so much more than change my body. They changed my mindset. They helped me to believe in myself again. They helped me to become mentally and physically strong, finally overcoming a depression that had consumed me for much of 5-years. They truly taught me to take care of me.  



Louis before and after front view

"After six weeks I lost 27 LBS, 6% body fat and many inches off my waist. I ran 15 miles just because I could; something I could have never done without the 168 Fitness". 
So far, Louis has completed his Spartan Race Trifecta, ran multiple races and half triathlons, including  "Escape From Alcatraz".



Mike before and after side view

168 Fitness is not just a gym, it's a lifestyle.  I am one year post-back surgery and feeling great.  With the combination of training, nutrition, and individual attention, I am dropping weight and body fat.  I have been to many gyms over the years.  None of them come close to what Chad and Ana have to offer. 



Michelle before and after side view

 I completed their fit in 42 Program which really helped me over my plateau of reaching my fitness goals. Due to this program I now eat clean, exercise regularly and I am healthier than I have ever been. Four years ago I weighed 211 pounds. I now weigh 150 pounds and I am 51 years old and am strong and powerful.



Frances before and after back view

Before I came to 168, I was in a dark place mentally, physically, and emotionally. This team slowly helped me to care for all aspects of my health to the point where I truly love myself. I just finished Fit in 42 and it was truly challenging. I went through a roller coaster of emotions, but yet, there is no other team and family that you want supporting you, mentoring you, and giving you tough love.



Edita before and after back view

 I can't believe comfort food is no longer something I look forward to but instead I look forward to seeing more results. I now love to be active and do other things instead of having my life revolve around food. I have worked out as long as I remember but have seen very minimal results. This program works because it entails a comprehensive approach. (Meal plans, individual support and great exercises). I love my results!!!





Arpy before and after back view


Paige before and after back view


Steve before and after side view


Kevin before and after side view


Brian before and after back view


Once an athletic young man, Bob was affected by a virus that left him unable to move anything but his head. His whole body was shot down and he was told he may not be able to walk again. His answer to that? " I will work with what I have, doing the best I can. I will adapt". And he did. Against all odds, Bob was able to regain his ability to walk and even run. Looking to get stronger he came to us. We started working with Bob just doing mobility exercises, mostly on the ground. Slowly we progressed to a small 3 lbs. dumbbell. Today he is able to lift a 76 lb. Kettlebell, he can do push ups, and move around pain free. At 72, Bob can give you a good run for your money.