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168 Programs

168 Programs

one-on-one private training

one on one training

We understand that group classes aren’t for everyone. Some benefit more in a one-on-one atmosphere. Some have specific objectives that aren’t always met in the class programming. Perhaps you’ve reached an athletic plateau or you have particular needs due to previous injuries. If any of these are something you can relate to, then consider joining us for a personal training session.

These sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals  One of our coaches will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level, and train you through a program designed specifically for your needs. We'll meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.


semi-private session

Our Semi-Private programs are simply the most effective programs for helping people look and feel their absolute best. From our high volume personal training  that conducts over 6,000 sessions a year, we know the formula for producing the best results in the least amount of time. University degreed exercise physiologists, an arrange of physical therapist that trust our system and train with us, and a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach are all involved in the creation of our programs. When we combine cutting edge science with real, in-the-trenches experience, we have the 168 magic formula for world-class programming. Our programs are created and tested in a real facility, with real clients. What does this all mean? Real results! With a maximum of 4 people per coach, you get all the benefits of hiring a personal trainer with the fun environment of a group.

group classes

In our Group classes, elements of strength, cardio, and endurance  are all combined into one program to help you achieve your fitness goals. Develop your endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. All under one roof!

Training with your friends does more than make the experience a ton of fun. Our group classes are all about team spirit and motivation. Seeing others around you perform will instinctively push you to be your very best. Training with others also holds you accountable to staying on track. Missed a workout? It probably won’t go unnoticed. Chances are, you’ll get texts and Facebook messages from your buddies asking where you are. If you are having trouble getting motivated or have a tendency to fall off of the fitness wagon, then this is the place for you.

Is this the right program for you? Take a few minutes to answer each question:

Do you think more about what you dislike about your looks than about what you like?

Do you avoid particular activities or situations because you feel physically self-conscious?

Do you spend a lot of time, effort or money attempting to "repair" your looks or trying to achieve physical perfection? 

Do you feel out of shape and want to make a definite change in your health and fitness?

Have you been working out but not getting the results you want?

Do you feel confused about where and how to start?


If your answered  YES to any of these questions,Fit in 42 is the right answer for you.

Fit in 42 is a full immersion, life-changing program.  It’s a program designed to help you conquer your health and fitness goals. In this process, the participants will not only undergo a physical transformation but a mental one as well. To reach your full physical potential, one must also be in the correct state of mind.

Fit in 42 includes everything you need to be successful including a detailed personalized nutrition plan, grocery shopping tour, self image seminar, six workouts a week, heart rate monitor, state of the art physical evaluations and mindset coaching, all in 42 days.


Results in only 42 days. You will feel the difference and everyone around you will notice it!

the 21 day ASAP (as slim as possible)

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The ASAP  is the perfect solution.
A flexible program to get you where you want to be in a matter of weeks.

WE'LL TEACH HOW TO EAT BETTER: Learn what and when to eat for your body type.
The Precision Nutrition Habit-based  guidelines will make easy to achieve long lasting results.

YOU'LL HAVE FUN WORKING OUT: Never a dull moment with plenty of classes to chose from.
Metabolic, Polar Fitmetrix, Total Body, and Semi-private options.

IT WON'T BREAK THE BANK:We make it affordable so that anyone can be healthy.  The ASAP is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a 1 on 1 personal trainer and you get a whole lot more.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PROGRESS:Medical grade evaluations with our InBody Biolectrical Impedance Analysis will make sure you stay on pace to reach your goal. You will also receive a FREE  heart Rate Monitor Rental to track your effort during your workouts.

Group class Schedule

Group class Schedule