Some people say you shouldn't rotate while loaded, it's dangerous for the spine! Other will say, "you need to train that way, your body moves that way for a reason". Who do you believe is right? Ever wonder if rotational exercises are actually good for you? 
One of the most often neglected types of movement is rotation, yet it is part of almost every movement in daily life or sport. There aren’t too many sports that you can play without rotating your body, and if you’ve ever seen someone in a neck brace you can see how awkward daily life is without rotation!

So, how do we keep both parties happy? The one who cares about health spine, and the one who cares about daily life movement? The answer lies in your hips. The rotation must always come from the hips. The joint is meant to move in many ways, one of them being rotation. When the hips are in charge, the spine remains stable, allowing you to create a solid base for the movement. Even under load.

To train in every way your body moves, including rotation; there's a great exercise that covers a lot of the components of movement: rotation, locomotion, core stability, power production, coordination and I can keep going...
Enter the MAX Lunge!
What  does the MAX Lunge do? How about  this for a few things……
-Works with our bodies natural chains, you can see specially hitting all the fascial lines that show how interconnected our body really is! 
-We get a lift and chop in a dynamic  action that mimics almost a half kneeling position. Lifts and chops have been a critical part of rehab and corrective exercise programs.
-We train true multi-planar strength. Most times when we lift, the weight moves in line with our body, however, in the MAX Lunge the weight actually moves against our body in another direction. That means we are not just trying to create force up and down, but resist forces that pull us off to the side or rotation. 
-Then we have a phenomenal exercise that demands huge amounts of acceleration and deceleration in a less stable position that requires more mobility, stability, and power all at once! People love Kettlebell swings for the ability to accelerate and decelerate, but if you look at the MAX Lunge you see a very similar movement that is far more sophisticated. 
-Knee protection, yes, when done correctly nothing teaches how to properly absorb force upon the body and then redirect that force like the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training MAX Lunge!

*Start with a "drop step lunge" (taking a big step back and dropping the knee very close to the floor)
*As we drop, the sandbag will start rotating to the side of the front leg. The body ONLY rotates from the thoracic spine (think of your ribcage). Stay tall and "squeeze lemons" under your armpits.
*Grip the ground hard with your toe as if you are trying to leave a toe print. Use the back leg to push you into a standing position.
-Even though we often teach the Rotational Lunge as a swing type movement, you can also slow down the speed and use higher loads to create more of a very unique deadlift type of training.

(Men: 80-100 pounds, women: 50-70)