When finding a matching lid for your container becomes a battle, then you know it's time to set the house on fire. No, wait, maybe just organizing will do.

Here are a few tips and hacks to help you sort out the packing and storing part of your meal prep.

*Find functional containers that are easy to stack. Make sure they are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, and BPA free. You'll save time and space!

*If you prefer glass containers but they don’t stack so well, pair up the lid and glass container and stack.Or visit the dollar store and get a few small baskets to corral all those fugitive lids.

*I transfer bagged food into containers.Try storing beans, grains, pasta and other bulk goods in inexpensive canning jars. Do the same with trail mix, dried fruit and other food that comes packaged in bags. It keeps my small pantry cupboard neat and more organized.

*Store cut veggies in a container with a paper towel so they don't get mushy and rot. Always eat those first because their shelf life is shorter.

*Avocados turn brown because of oxidization. Some people use plastic wrap or some lemon to avoid that. The best seal, however, is  Olive oil — rub some over the cut side, store in a plastic bag, and your avocado will stay green longer.

*If it's guacamole we are talking about, store in a container and add water at the top. Cover and refrigerate. When ready to use again, just toss the water and enjoy your still green-looking dip.

*For the compacted sugar that looks like rock candy...moisture evaporation is the culprit of the cristalization. Store it in a glass container and make sure that the seal is airtight. Second, toss a slice of bread or a marshmellow into the bag before sealing — the sugar should draw moisture out of the bread and stay soft.

Have any more ideas? Share with us in the comments.