It's like magic. The one day you decide to go straight from the gym to run errands is the day that you happen to see every single person you know. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Becky, "mean Becky" from high school; well, she just saw you in your old Gave-Up-Pants A.K.A. old sweatpants, your baggy shirt and that bird's nest on your head. Who else did you see that day? Your kid's teacher, the lady from the dry cleaners, the dog walker... they all saw that hot mess. Oh, great! just great...

Lucky you, those days are over. Gym Chic, a fashion trend that is becoming more and more accepted everywhere you go, is the answer to your prayers. This style mixes the comfort and functionality of your favorite workout clothes with the glamour and edge of the urban style. The key to achieve this polished look is to invest in some good quality pieces, keep a neutral palette, add a few accents (pop of color) and accesories. It's important to look for fabrics that also do well when you perform at the gym.

BOTTOMS: Opt for full length fitted pants. Solid colors will make it easy to pair them up with a busy top and accesories. Look for little details like mesh, leather, zippers or stitching to give your outfit an urban feel. If it's hot out there, opt for shorts that hit the middle of your thighs. Not only it's a flattering length, it will allow you to go into many places without a problem.

TOPS: This is the part that will give your outfit an edge. Crop Tops, layering pieces, adding a light scarf or throwing on a jacket or long flowy cardigan (if the weather cooperates, a leather jacket is great!).

SHOES: This is the hardest part. You want shoes that look good but most importantly, that perform great. Some brands offer the best of both worlds by adding premium materials and finishes while keeping their functionality. 

BAGS: There are no rules when it comes to bags. Go bold! Your fancy purse will upgrade your outfit immediately.

ACCESORIES: This is part of the secret to transition from Gym Beast to Street Goddess. A bold watch, delicate necklaces, a few fashion rings, and LIPSTICK are your best friend.

HAIR: You want to keep your hair out of your face when you are exercising, right? Braids in every way, a "Barbie" ponytail, a pompadour or a colorful head band are great options to still look great while sweating.


Lisa gave us some examples of how she transitions from the gym to the street in 5 minutes. These are some of her clothes that she mixes to create different looks. Check it out!

Now you are ready to go out, meet every single person you know on any given day and feel fantastic about yourself. After all, you just had an awesome workout!

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