Beaudry Loop Hike ( Verdugo Mountains )

Distance - 6 Miles
Time - Allow up to 3 Hours to finish.
Difficulty - 6/10 ( Moderate but can be vigorous )
Elevation - reaches 1,800 Feet
Terrain - Dirt Path with a  bit of gravel road.
Dogs  - YES!
When to go  - Year Round ( Evenings in the summer are beautiful!)


We started the hike in the evening around 6PM. With about two or three hours to hit this hike, we timed it so we could be at the top to see the sunset. An evening hike is also a great idea in the Summer months to beat the heat. 

After parking in the neighborhood, we found the street signs above to start the hike. Once you walk this area for some time you will come up to a yellow gate which you will need to go around. 

beaudri street sign

It states Beaudry Motorway. It’s easy to pass and at this point you will feel the transition from civilization to nature. Take the walk and stay on until you come to a junction:

junction sign

Once you see the Beaudry South and North sign, like the photo above, understand that going either way will lead you back to it after doing the loop. Going left onto the Beaudry South Motorway will allow you to embark on an adventure full of amazing views. I recommend taking the left.

Beaudry Motorway

You know you are going the right way when you go to the path on the right of this sign.

Now you are on your way to enjoy the hike. Going up the route you will be mesmerized by the views. Check them out:


Have some footwear on that digs and grips into the dirt. The terrain is mostly dirt as seen above and with some minimal rock. Some people in our group were slipping going downhill as they only had running shoes on. Most of us were able to stay upright even trying to force a slide but our shoes kept us grounded.

Wear proper sunscreen, even hiking late or early. Have some functional headwear like the Hemlock hat in the photo above, to keep your face cool in a fashionable way.

Grab your functional headwear here -

Keep hydrated, especially in this summer weather. Having a Camelbak backpack is one of the best ways to stay cool on the hike. It allows you to carry water/snacks on your back but more importantly keeps your hands free. This way you may easily hang onto your kids or dogs with ease. Get your bag here  -

For those with previous injuries, having some lower back pain or just lacking some strength, do not worry. This hike is just a walk with a slight grade up.. Keep your pace slow with your group of friends and if you feel fatigue, take some time to admire the views and catch your breath. You will be able to find some shade on the side and rest easy with some water.

Here's a quick video of our awesome adventure. Come with us! 

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