By Chad Skrederstu

As the story goes, in 1776, 442 days after the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired, the American Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4th

The Americans wanted to be free from theTyrant ruling of King George III, because he was exerting too much control over the colonies. Americans were being taxed for goods such as glass, lead, paper and tea. They even had to move out of their own houses to let Great Britain soldiers occupy them.

    The Americans felt outraged by the new acts. King George was controlling them and they wouldn’t stand for it anymore. These brave folks drew a line in the sand and made a bold choice to FIGHT for their independence.

    Fed up with the situation,they harnessed one of the most powerful emotions: FEAR.  Being free was a "MUST" not a "should".There was no choice but to succeed; otherwise they risked being hung for treason, or they would have to continue their lives being CONTROLLED by King George III.

    Now 240 years later, things haven’t changed that much. There are still two kinds of people: Those that let fear control them and others (the most successful people) who harness fear to work for them. These are the brave people who "burn the boats" so there is no choice but to take the island!

    If our forefathers sat back and said -You know what Paul? This is a little risky I am going to stay home tonight-, you wouldn’t be sitting there right now reading this in the comfort of your home.

Aside from dates and history, what else canwe learn from this day?

These are five ways you can use fear before it uses  you:


  1. Determine if your goal is a “MUST” by putting it up against the ROCKING CHAIR TEST     ( FINDING YOUR WHY VIDEO.) When you get to be 80 sitting in your rocking chair, will you regret not achieving this particular goal? If the answer is YES, than it’s a MUST.

  2. Recognize that excuses are not a lack of resources but a lack of resourcefulness.

  3. Adopt a growth mindset by not letting road bumps become roadblocks and be flexible by using different approaches to achieve your goals.

  4. Pain brings valuable insights and can help define what you really want.

  5. Know Failure is inevitable and you MAY fail, but it will offer insight on what doesn’t work.  ( 5 TIMES THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION ALMOST FAILED)


I invite you to create your own Declaration of Independence from FEAR  today!

Declare that FEAR now works for you. State why your goal is a must to be independent of your fears and how harnessing them will bring you financial, health and professional accomplishments you couldn’t imagine.

    On the other side of fear it'S gratitude. List three things you’re grateful for, which could be people, items or something simple like the sound of birds chirping. Today is the day you become free from letting fear eat you. Now you’re using fear to drive you to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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