Screaming trainer

10 reasons to fire your trainer


1. THEY ARE NEVER ON TIME. If they show up at the same time as you do, they are already late. If they get to your session after you do, that shows a lack of respect for your time. Rude!

2. THEY PUT YOU (OR OTHERS) DOWN. The real role of a coach is to inspire and influence. Yelling, threatening and belittling just shows that their ego is bigger than their desire to help you succeed.

3.THEY GOT LAZY. Your warm up consists of endless minutes on a treadmill, your program has been looking the same for the last 3 months and your sessions are spent by the water cooler, talking.  Remember why you hired them in the first place. Would you pay your dentist to talk to you instead of looking at your teeth? Same goes for your trainer.


Sure... He totally seems to"care"

Sure... He totally seems to"care"

4. THEY DON'T INVEST IN EDUCATION. The Fitness industry evolves constantly and so should your Trainer. Unless you really enjoy leg warmers, 80's hair and those Jane Fonda moves...

5. YOU GET AN OFFER TO JOIN THEM IN AN "FANTASTIC BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY " THAT INVOLVES MULTILEVEL MARKETING OF ANY TYPE. Personal profit can cloud professional judgment. Do they have your best interest at heart or theirs?


6. THEY ARE DEVOTED TO A PARTICULAR TOOL/BRAND. Cookie cutter programs or biased beliefs on a particular tool/discipline will impair your chances to reach your goals. Who builds a whole house with just a hammer? Different tools have different uses, just as a variety of approaches will help achieve  particular goals.


7. THEY ARE ON THEIR PHONE AT ANY POINT DURING YOUR SESSION.When you have a heavy bar over your head, you better make sure that your trainer is paying attention to what you are doing. Or make sure that they are texting 911 in advance, just in case. 

Hello? mom? I'm about to get fired.

Hello? mom? I'm about to get fired.

8. .THEY GOSSIP ABOUT OTHER CLIENTS WITH YOU. Careful, you may be the next topic of conversation with their next appointment. 


9. YOUR TRAINER GOT A LITTLE TOO CLOSE. It's a fine line when you work so close with someone in a very physical environment. That's why professionalism is one of the biggest assets of a good trainer. Your trainer should always ask for permission before putting their hands on you thanks! thanks!


Both of you got too comfortable with each other. Maybe you are buddies at ths point and accountability just left the building. You need to be constantly challenged to avoid plateus. Your program should progress with you. Just like marriage,being healthy and fit is a lifetime commitment; therefore you need a trainer that can keep things fresh and interesting.



Hiring a personal trainer is a big decision. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with that person and that they are qualified to do their job. They have to keep you accountable, motivated and help you achieve the results you want.

P.S. No trainers or clients were harmed in the making of this post. Seamus is actually really good at his job!     :P


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