Being short on time is the definition of our modern life. It's also the number one excuse to skip exercise. 

This quickie 30 minute workout mixes cardio bursts with bodyweight strength training. It's a 1:1 ratio between work and rest. This exercises are meant to target your whole body: Upper, lower, and core. 

Check out the workout below, scroll down to learn the details of the strength-training moves, then print the workout, and get at it!




Perform each exercise for a minute. Do this workout twice through, taking 2-3 minute break between each 15-minute set if needed.



*Push Ups: Drop only one knee to the ground as you come down to control the descend. Use it again to help you get all the way up into a plank position. This method transfers better into a standard push up than keeping both knees in the ground.

*Jump Rope: If you don't have a jump rope, you can go for the "Air Rope" version. Jumping in place moving your hands as if you were holding a real jump rope. 

*Lunges: Instead of going back and forth, Just step back alternating legs.

*Star Jumps: Try jumping jacks or light jogging in place if the impact is too much.

*Plank with knee drive: Drop to your forearms and hold a conventional plank.