You want to do it. You dream about the day you achieve your goal. But between dreaming about it and making it happen, there is an ocean that separates them.

Shrinking the goal takes some planning. For instance, let's look at "Getting fit" again.

What is being fit? You should know what that really means to you.  For example, let's say to you, fitness is being able to complete a marathon. Then your Long-term goals might include  running a half marathon twice . That seems a little ambitious, right?

However, a six month milestone might be something like, "Finish a 10K," Better, uh? and a three month goal might be as simple as "Run a mile every day." Ok, that can definitely be done.

Once you have this plans it's easier to create daily or weekly to-do list items.

When you are faced with a tough challenge, it’s often a good idea to make your job a little bit more simple. Rephrase you challenge. 


Small goals are manageable

This might seem like cheating and ignoring the real problem. It’s not. Making your challenge less imposing like this is actually a smart way of addressing it. A big challenge can be paralyzing. Thinking about insignificant little challenges is much less intimidating. Tiny goals are manageable.

Power in numbers

Small-impact ideas combined can make a serious difference. And usually these ‘little ideas’ are cheap and easy to implement (often immediately):  Buy better running shoes, look for a running partner, wake up 30 min earlier to accommodate your training etc.


Scale up

Don’t let large challenges intimidate you. Break them up or scale them down to bite sized mini-challenges and freely fantasize about how you might reach these mini-goals. Generate lots of ideas. Once you’ve collected a bunch, see which ones you can use. Either next to each other or combined in a more comprehensive approach.